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In truth, we can all play a part in driving fashion to be more sustainable and ethical. By choosing to use textiles from labels that embrace transparent, creative and innovative production methods; and by re-wearing, recycling, swapping and thrifting. Together we are building a bigger, better movement every day.

Our products are made from sustainable textiles . As part of our GoGreen initiative, we turn our paper packaging into sweet and interactive craft projects for little ones. 
Upcycling and reusability are core Promises of VPP, 
and we work to ensure that everything we make is sustainable. 

VPP has developed a large collection of organic textiles for the home and Kitchen, which include textiles for bath, kitchen, travel and meditation. 


All products are made of organic cotton and certified with the international organic standard GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This standard focuses on 2 main areas; environmental and social responsibility and guarantees that all materials are free of toxins and heavy metals and that the rights of international workers are respected.

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